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Our new website is online, offering a combination of innovation and simplicity

In the spirit of continuous evolution and innovation, we have chosen to give a makeover and an update to our website, renewing it to always offer the highest level of professionalism. This is what has distinguished us over the years and allowed us to consolidate our position as the ideal partner for all companies looking for a competent certification body.

The logo has been slightly redesigned, with more vivid colors and a brighter brand name that is more harmonious overall, but without losing the soul that has characterized it for 20 years.

The new website reflects our identity: organized and structured, but clear and simple. The new version is more modern and usable on all devices. We have also taken into account the feedback that our customers have given us over time.

Once again, we have taken up the challenge and decided to focus on quality and innovation.

Thanks to those who have chosen us, and thanks to those who will.

Istituto Meridiana is a guarantee of quality.