Istituto Meridiana

Istituto Meridiana S.r.l. is an Accredia-accredited certification body, founded in 2001 by the engineer Mr. Moio and a group of professionals from different fields who share the same philosophy: putting passion and expertise at the heart of their work.

Today, we are present throughout Italy and can count on the strength of our clientele and the experience and skills of our staff, auditors and technical experts, all of whom are constantly committed to satisfying our clients’ needs with independence and impartiality, in full compliance with the relevant standards.

We have always teamed the development of certification services with meeting the needs of our customers.


Our Vision is to guarantee excellence for the certification system in Italy and worldwide, at the right price. Everything we do is thanks to the passion and expertise that drives us to constantly improve.


Our mission is to offer certification services with competence, flexibility and speed, guaranteeing impartiality and uniformity of judgement.

Our policy is based on the following principles:

  • transparency of the whole certification process;
  • competence and uniformity of assessment;
  • optimization of the quality/price ratio;
  • development of relationships with other Italian and foreign Accredited Certification Bodies;
  • preparation and development of interpretation guidelines;
  • improvement in the quality of the service provided to customers.