Italian Ministerial Decree 93 on measuring instruments, list of extended organizations published

Unioncamere has published the list of bodies authorized to carry out, on an extended basis, the periodic verifications of measuring instruments with legal measuring function according to Italian Ministerial Decree 93/2017, in line with the provisions of the “Growth” Decree.

Important new developments for bodies and laboratories carrying out periodic verification activities pursuant to Ministerial Decree 93/2017, which regulates the checks carried out on instruments subject to Italian and European regulations used for legal measurement functions.

On the website of the legal metrology service of Unioncamere, the list has been published of the entities in extension as per art. 42 of Law Decree 34/2019. These are the bodies that, as of 18 March 2019, have formally accepted Accredia’s economic offer of accreditation, and therefore are qualified to operate under an extension regime until 30 June 2020 to carry out periodic inspections, as provided for by art. 42 of the new “Growth” Decree, Law Decree 34/2019.

Article 42 of the “Growth” Decree, which updated the timeline provided for by Ministerial Decree 93/2017 in Article 18, also establishes that bodies that have not yet submitted an application for accreditation by 18 March 2019 may continue to operate until 30 June 2020 only from the date of the application, to be submitted by 30 September 2019, and subject to activation of the accreditation process.

According to the provisions of Ministerial Decree 93/2017, the periodic verification of measuring instruments with a legal measuring function must be carried out by bodies and laboratories in possession of accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/IEC 17065 standards, as specified in Annex I of the Decree. Bodies and laboratories that carry out periodic verification must present Accredia accreditation in order to be able to present the CNSA (certified notification of start of activity) to Unioncamere and thus be included in the special List of subjects authorized to carry out metrological checks.

The calibration bodies and laboratories that have initiated the procedure with Accredia are:

  • 243 who have applied to Accredia
  • 219 who have started the accreditation process
  • 55 accredited ones who have submitted CNSAs.


source: Accredia